General terms and conditions


– Our offices are located at Calle del Mar, 17, Sant Pere Pescador, Girona SPAIN. The opening hours are from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday, Saturdays from 10:00 to 13:30. On Sundays the offices are closed. However, during the months of July and August, we have an emergency telephone number.

PRICE AND WEBSITE: The prices published on are prices per night or per week and are divided by season. These prices include the normal consumption of water, electricity and gas. Otherwise, it will be indicated in the description of the house. Our web page although from our offices we try to update any information about the rental properties from Globalgest XXI SL, we are not responsible for any errors that may arise and we reserve the right to modify and update the information published on our website (prices, descriptions and photographs). Extras such as sheets, cots, collection services, special packs… etc. are not always included in the rental price. You can hire any extra that is not part of the characteristics of the accommodation as long as you inform us before your arrival.

BOOKINGS: Bookings can be made through the website via internet, by fax, by telephone, in writing or in person at our offices in Sant Pere Pescador. The client will always receive a reservation confirmation that will serve as proof of the agreement via internet or fax.

ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES: The time of arrival will be between 16:00h and 19h, in mid and low season there is the possibility of entering in the morning with previous information from the agency if the accommodation is available and prepared. The departure time will be before 10:00h. In case the renter cannot adjust to our timetable or cannot occupy the accommodation on the day and time foreseen due to any difficulty during the trip, or for personal reasons, Globalgest XXI, S.L. will not make any refund. In the event that the renter wishes to extend the stay, it is sufficient to request this in our offices and, in any case, it will be conditioned on the availability of the property.

DEPOSIT: The deposit is obligatory – payment must be made before the keys are handed over – and you can choose between the two options:

TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT of the total rental price in cash, which will be returned on the last day, and once it has been checked that the property is in the same condition as on the day of your arrival. B) The credit card will be charged without the amount appearing on the part of the renter, and the return will be subject to the same conditions as in the previous section.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: The reservation is for twenty-five percent of the total rental price, in cash at our offices or by bank transfer. This reservation is mainly conditioned to actually receiving the money referred to above, so that – and in the case of payment by bank transfer – if within FOUR NATURAL DAYS from the sending of this contract without receiving the proof of this transfer and this signed contract – both via fax -, it will be automatically resolved and the mediating company will be completely released from its contractual obligations, being able to freely dispose of the property, without any restriction whatsoever. The bank’s commission will in no case be charged to the mediator and will be added, if applicable, to the remaining seventy-five percent to be paid.

The payment of the remaining amount of the rent will be made by bank transfer to the same account number, TWO WEEKS before the day of arrival and the proof of this transfer must be sent – via fax -. A 1.5% surcharge for bank charges will be made for rentals paid by CREDIT CARD. The amount to be paid is the difference between the total rental price and the reservation, i.e. seventy-five percent of the total rental price plus the bank commission for the transfer of the reservation referred to above if applicable. The sending of the receipt and the actual receipt of the money will be essential conditions for the subsequent entry into the home on the day of the beginning of the rental period.

RETURN OF RESERVATIONS: Cancellation policy and return of the reservation, the mediating company will take possession of the
50% of the deposit if the cancellation is communicated more than 30 days before the occupation.
100% of the deposit if said cancellation is communicated 30 days or less.

CAPACITY: the capacity of the persons will be limited according to each house. The maximum number of people will be equal to the number of sleeping places available in the home. Otherwise, it must be communicated to the mediating company before the signing of this contract.

LANDLORD’S ADDRESS: The tenant’s address is the one stated in the operative part of the contract, and therefore the landlady states that she is renting the property for holiday purposes, and under no circumstances and in no situation may the object of this contract be used on a regular basis.

CONSERVATION AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Under no circumstances may the lessee have flammable, explosive or corrosive materials. Neither develop in the house any kind of industry, nor immoral or unusual activities that may cause inconvenience to the other neighbours of the urbanization where the property is located. Likewise, it must be adapted to any community regulations that exist on the property.

The tenant is directly and exclusively responsible and exempts the property and/or the mediation company from any responsibility for damages that may be caused to people or things and that are derived from installations for services and supplies of the rented seasonal house.

LEGAL REGULATIONS: Seasonal Rentals: The rentals of urban properties celebrated by season, be it summer or any other, will be considered as rentals other than housing (article 3 Law 29/1994 of Urban Rentals – “LAU”-).

Legal Framework: Seasonal Rentals, as rentals other than housing, are governed by the will of the parties, failing which by the provisions of the LAU and subsidiarily by the provisions of the Civil Code.

Special Provisions: Notwithstanding the above, certain provisions of the LAU will be applied on a mandatory basis to Seasonal Rentals and specifically those referring to the following:
-Scope of the law: subject to the LAU as a lease other than housing.
-Bond: When the contract is signed, it will be compulsory to require and provide a cash bond.

As a characteristic of rentals other than for housing, the waiver of certain renounceable rights according to the LAU (articles 31 and 33) must be made expressly.

DATA PROTECTION LAW: In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the protection of personal data, Globalgest XXI SL informs you that your personal data are included in computerised files owned by Globalgest XXI SL, which will be the sole recipient of this data, and whose exclusive purpose is the management of clients and commercial communication actions, and that you have the possibility of exercising your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition provided for in the law by means of a letter addressed to Globalgest XXI SL, C/ Carme, 1, 17470 Sant Pere Pescador (Girona).