Costa Brava

Costa Brava is the name given to the most northern coastal area of Catalonia, from the Franco-Spanish border to the mouth of the river Tordera, from the town of Portbou to Blanes. Inside is an important landmark in the city of Girona.

This is an extremely articulate coast of mountainous terrain, because of a series of mountain ranges that fall abruptly into the sea, forming rocky cliffs that give it a stern and wild – hence the name -. However, some sectors – such as the Gulf of Roses – with long sandy beaches.

The mild climate, water transparency, the brightness of the sky cleared by the Tramuntana and the charm of the seaside town, which had traditionally lived by fishing and attracted visitors since the late nineteenth century and soon won the name of Costa Brava, devised by the journalist Ferran Agullo. Writers, musicians, local and foreign artists have admired the Costa Brava.

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